Hi! I'm Andre

As a perpetual learner I continually explore the sequencing of work that

  • Brings software, data, and purpose together.

  • Creates new capabilities and modernises value.

  • Helps us become a better problem-solvers in the business of digital.

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Hi! I'm Andre
Exploring lessons from

Years building global digital businesses
Merger integrations and divestiture operations
Products led spanning on-premise, SaaS and APIs)
Posted articles (so far...)

Digital Business 📈

Grow the value of business assets by putting technology at the centre of your outlook, capabilities and leadership mandate.

Align agile delivery to customer value themes, from ideation to implementation.
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Operational Strategies 🎯

Ensure everyone is working as efficiently as possible on things that actually create value.

Frame a common understanding of purpose, accountability and work needed to modernise systems of work sustainably.
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Advisory 📊

Expertly navigate the implications of bold initiatives, mergers and digital transformation on your business to succeed and stay relevant to your customers.
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All posts
Muscat Roundup: #003
NEWSLETTER 2 min read

Muscat Roundup: #003

Weekly News Roundup #003 that delivers a hand-picked selection of business stories, how-tos, and lessons learned that are worth sharing to stimulate conversation and learning. #roundup #newsletter…

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