What key traits tell you that someone is a good fit for your team?

What I can tell is what works for me. Use the below to refine your methods.

I search for aligned principles (manner, communication, attitude, approach to problem-solving). These can be summarised as follows:

key traits

Expanding in more specifics:

  • Energetic, transparent, flexible and structured in approach and mannerism.
  • Respectful in engagement, with a strong sense of urgency to deliver value.
  • Relentless in ensuring a clear understanding of what measurable success looks like. Objectives and key-result expectations are often communicated early, with indicators measured and reviewed weekly.
  • Comfortable diving into spreadsheets, pivots and modernised ETL solutions to analyse business data.
  • Hands-on in developing talent who know how to celebrate success, learn from mistakes, speak the different languages within the business, and lead by example.
  • Continually humble to express weakness backed by a drive and curiosity to learn, develop and advance.
  • Calm under pressure while remaining true to commitments.
  • Keen to constructively challenge and chip in ideas on how we can be better, stronger and faster.

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What key traits tell you that someone is a good fit for your team?

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