What key traits tell you that someone is a good fit for your team?

What I can tell is what works for me. Use the below to refine your methods.

I search for aligned principles (manner, communication, attitude, approach to problem-solving). These can be summarised as follows:

key traits

Expanding in more specifics:

  • Energetic, transparent, flexible and structured in approach and mannerism.
  • Respectful in engagement, with a strong sense of urgency to deliver value.
  • Relentless in ensuring a clear understanding of what measurable success looks like. Objectives and key-result expectations are often communicated early, with indicators measured and reviewed weekly.
  • Comfortable diving into spreadsheets, pivots and modernised ETL solutions to analyse business data.
  • Hands-on in developing talent who know how to celebrate success, learn from mistakes, speak the different languages within the business, and lead by example.
  • Continually humble to express weakness backed by a drive and curiosity to learn, develop and advance.
  • Calm under pressure while remaining true to commitments.
  • Keen to constructively challenge and chip in ideas on how we can be better, stronger and faster.

Let us know what you think!. We believe in productive discourse and welcome opportunities to refine our understanding through discussion. Comment in the comments area below or reach out on hi@andremuscat.com


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