What traits are looked for when moving an engineer into a software leadership role?

This is an answer to a question submitted to the "Ask me anything (AMA)" program. This AMA channel is designed to support you get clarity to business/tech questions you may have. Periodically, I select a particular response that we feel can benefit the broader community.

My favourite way of framing this answer:

I want to be an engineer like my mom

Taking small, disparate and unrelated seemingly innocuous building blocks and raw materials

  • Helping people visualise the desired outcome (the what and the why they understood the business needs from product management).
  • Helping people go through a process to identify the best how.
  • Eliminating blockers.
  • Creating opportunities.
  • Uniting teams.
  • Creating something useful and of value that delivers a tangible and viable solution to a customer to scope, on time and to budget.
  • Enabling engineering resources to walk away with pride at what they created, looking forward to what the world can be tomorrow with a new set of challenges.

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What traits are looked for when moving an engineer into a software leadership role?

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