Value is in what gets used, not what gets built

Connecting ideas and stakeholders to deliver business value

Hi! I'm Andre

Decisive and growth-focused entrepreneurial executive specialised in scaling digital businesses and the design, engineering, management and international shipping of packaged security, messaging and infrastructure software as well as consultancy services.

Challenges I Tackle

Prioritise work that matters and has impact, aligned to business priorities and investor value.

Structure Work For Focus and Repeatability

Organise roles around the core capabilities that must be performed consistently and reliably. Assess ratings periodically depending on the kind of improvement you’re looking to achieve.

Organise Roles for Accountability of Outcomes

Verticalise roles to enable industry specialisations and expertise! Higher customer expectations and more complex realities require more domain expertise across functional capabilities (integrations, licensing etc) and domain knowledge (security, fintech, health, government etc).

Connect the Dots Across All Layers

Drive teams to determine the usefulness and viability-of-work requests both within the short-term frame, and how it fits/distracts from the longer-term outcome required throughout the entire operational structures.

Some of the people I learned from

A handful selection of the several people I worked with. Super grateful for their time, comradeship and guidance as we went to battle together.

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