Muscat Roundup: #008

Muscat Roundup: #008

Hi, Welcome to update #008

In my work helping people develop digital muscle and embrace modern working methods, I come across important stories on how to sequence work for optimal outcomes and be better at problem-solving. Every week, I share my roundup of the most important stories. I hope you enjoy them.

My recent posts

What mattered in #BizTech

  • TikTok was the most popular site on the internet in 2021, beating out Google for the top spot, according to Cloudflare. This cements Tiktok as a significant competitor to the prime Google business known as YouTube. Check out our review of the YouTube competition.
  • Instagram Will Focus on Video in 2022. This focus reflects Instagram's efforts to better compete with TikTok, which recently topped 1 billion in users, and increasing focus on how people spend time on video format content.
  • According to Merkle research, "28% of kids say friends influence their purchase decisions".
  • Weed farmers use drones to crop cops, collect data and enhance security.
  • The Roblox metaverse is already here:


The power of preparation: Building learning teams that can weather any storm by Austina White

  • "Opportune time for learning leaders to reflect with their teams on the challenges faced and lessons learned over the past almost two years".
  • Covering the importance of reducing operational risks
  • "If a key player on your team went on an extended leave or left the organization, would someone else be able to take over running their programs easily?"
  • "If your office lost power or internet for an extended period, would you still be able to onboard new employees?"
  • "What programs, such as new-hire onboarding, are critical to the organization?"
  • "What are the things that may impact our ability to host these programs?"
  • "How can we delegate work in a way that will encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing, making it easier to transition projects during absences?"
  • "What tools or technology are we reliant upon to facilitate our learning programs?"
  • "What are alternative ways we can host these in the event of an outage or another major event?"
  • "How well do members of the team understand each person's role, their strengths and their goals?"
  • "How comfortable are they reaching out for help or sharing honest feedback?"
  • "For your team, methods of detecting burgeoning issues could be through check-in questions during your 1-on-1s, virtual comment boxes or the monitoring of performance data."

Conversations that matter

  • Your Soft Skills are What Really Matter as a Leader. Watch.

Some fun

Timeline of Human Evolution

Our children will never know...

Old ports

Words that matter

"If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living.", Journalist and author, Gail Sheehy, on growth
"Apologizing doesn't always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego.", Vala Afshar
"A genuine apology has three parts: What I did was wrong. I am sorry that I hurt you. How do I make it better?", Professor Randy Pausch

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