Muscat Roundup: #001

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This periodic news roundup brings you a hand-picked selection of digital business stories, how-tos, and lessons learned I found of interest and value.

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How stripe became a 10 billion challenger to paypal

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Nial Ferguson

Words of Wisdom

Quotes of notice:

"Leadership is to pay the cost, avert the disaster, and accept that you won't get gratitude.", Nial Ferguson - Historian
"To me, what I have sort of come to realize, what is the most innate in all of us is that ability to be able to put ourselves in other people's shoes and see the world the way they see it. That's empathy. That's at the heart of design thinking. When we say innovation is all about meeting unmet, unarticulated, needs of the marketplace, it's ultimately the unmet and articulated needs of people and organizations that are made up of people. And you need to have deep empathy. So I would say the source of all innovation is what is the most humane quality that we all have, which is empathy.", Satya Nadella - CEO, Microsoft.

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