What particular set of skills did Michael Scott possess to successfully rise at Dunder Mifflin?

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While Michael is a fictional character in The Office, this question made me smile. Here are my thoughts about it:

  • He is eager to please and adapt to the situation, making him easy to control and drive the company narrative.
  • People he reported to resigned, leaving him as the most senior/experienced individual in the company.
  • Was suitable for the job when they were a much smaller company; then experienced a sprout of growth that needed people to lead.
  • He had the drive to lead (but not necessarily the breadth of capabilities needed).
  • The office location represents an area of lesser importance where presence is more important than overall performance, meaning leadership is selected based on cost rather than ability.
  • Low expectations on the business unit → Just do what is needed to keep the lights on.
  • He was inventive and showed the potential to be invested in. Sometimes investments do not realise :) or realise differently :)
  • He volunteered and tried repeatedly.
  • He was visible. People feel comfortable working with people they know.

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